Amateur Radio at Union College

The W2UC WEB site is under construction – please be patient with us. Thank you



W2UC is the amateur radio station at Union College and is maintained by Electrical and Computer Engineering Department students and faculty. All Union students, staff, and faculty are invited to join the club and use the station.



For information contact :

Michael Williamson KB1VYA – Union Student W2UC Club President william2@union.edu

Professor James Hedrick WB2LKZ - adviser and station trustee hedrickj@union.edu
Mr. Tom Yanuklis KD2BTA – Systems Administrator & Systems manager - Research computing yanuklit@union.edu

Professor Emeritus William Fairchild WO2V – long time member and supporter fairchiw@union.edu

Professor Emeritus George Williams W2CSN – kept w2uc alive for many years williamg@union.edu




Our History
Our QSL Card
The w2uc Station (in the ham shack)
W2UC 440 Repeater

W2UC packet Radio

ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay league

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